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Benefits Enrollment Services

You Can Hire Professional Benefits Enrollment Services


Small businesses find it hard competing with larger companies for the best talents to employ. However, with a comprehensive benefits plan, your business can be able to attract and retain highly skilled professionals as employees. The best way to go about this is to hire professional employer organization (PEO) companies to help you with the employee benefit administration. These companies will handle everything, from benefits enrollment to the eventual processing of payment. There are many PEO companies offering various employee benefit services including individual retirement accounts, employee health benefits and insurance plans, educational saving plans, disability insurance, and employee voluntary benefits programs.
Many businesses are afraid to roll out benefits enrollment programs because of the associated high costs. The PEO company will help you come up with a comprehensive benefits plan that will not put too much strain on your finances while still remaining attractive to your employees. With a good PEO company, you will be able to offer competitively priced benefit plans. They will be able to use their business links with the leading carriers to secure for you attractive rates for comprehensive plans. With a reliable PEO company handling your employee benefit administration, you will be free to concentrate on other aspects of the business.
Once the PEO company helps you come up with attractive benefit plans for your employees, your business organization will become a force in the job market since the top talents will want to work for you. Many businesses are now investing in employee benefit services in a bid to attract the best professionals in the job market with their attractive benefit plans. If you are serious about benefits enrollment programs, you will find that you have the best workforce available. This will spur growth in your business very quickly because you will have the best talent working for you.
Apart from benefits enrollment programs, there are many other services provided by the PEO company. You can outsource most human resource management services to these companies. This will prove to be very cost effective in the long run. It is important to get the right company to handle the employee benefit administration work for you. You should look for a PEO company with a good reputation and reliable services. You can find these companies easily by searching on the Internet. Before you settle for any PEO company, read the client feedback to give you an idea of how good they are.

Employee Benefit Services

Ways of Benefits Enrollment for Employee Benefit Services


Employee benefit services aims to offer employees of companies and businesses a form of insurance coverage that is both satisfactory to the employee and the employer. These benefits solutions are achieved through a consideration process that comes up with tailor made plans to meet both the needs of the employer and employee in one complete package. The employee benefit services are then inputted into the systems of the company through various ways of enrolment. These different ways of enrolments aim at meeting individual employee needs and include the following ways:
One of the ways of benefits enrolment is the face to face enrolment. This is where the certified benefits counsellor will speak to the employee one-on-one about their options when it comes to benefits in the workplace. This form of communication is very confidential and provides much personalised services to the employees. They can ask all the questions they have about the difference between employees provided benefits or voluntary benefits before they make any decision. This one on one communication during benefits enrolment opens the floor for all concerns to be answered to ensure that the employee fully understands the gravity of the decision they are making. This reduces the confusion caused by not fully understanding the benefits policies and avoids a lot of snarl ups that may come up later.
Another way of enrolment is through telephone enrolment. This is basically the same as the face to face enrolment only when the counsellor is unable to physically reach the employee. Benefits enrolment through employee self-service enrolment involves the use of a Virtual Enroller. This is a cutting edge technology that can be used by the employee to find information on the various benefit solutions and even to personally enrol themselves. The technology is quite easy to use for benefits enrolment. It is one of the best technologies in enrolment that an employee can easily navigate independently.
Once the enrolment process is complete, the employee benefit administration can begin. Each employee case is handled by an individual case manager to ensure that individualised services are delivered. The case manager ensures that there is complete communication through the whole process. He/she ensures that the employee benefit administration and implementation is satisfactory and as expected. The use of case managers in employee benefit administration ensures that no case goes unattended; it is both a quality assessment and accountability measure on the part of the company.

Supplemental Benefits

The Different Types of Supplemental Benefits for Your Employees


Employees will typically assess the insurance benefits that they are getting from a company when making a decision on whether to work for that company or not. Businesses that offer their workers robust benefits, especially supplemental benefits that are not available per individual basis, tend to have more people looking to work with them. Typical benefits that employers will offer their workers such as medical cover, life insurance, 401K plans and so on tend to be quite costly to the business. By having voluntary benefits, you get the chance to offer your employees attractive supplemental benefits that they can pay for on their own thus reducing your business’s expenditure. You can have your employees get in touch with an insurance call center to find out more about these insurance benefits.
1. Voluntary life insurance: This type of insurance will provide financial security to the families of employees who may lose their lives while still working for the company. An insurance call center would inform your employees that these policies can be issued either on a term basis or a whole life basis. The term basis will provide coverage for a specific number of years after which the employee can cash in their money. With whole life, the policy provides permanent protection and the employees get a chance to borrow money from this policy against the premiums that they are paying. Although one can seek this type of policy on their own, it is always better to get it as part of voluntary benefits as the business can negotiate rates with the insurance call center so as to save the employees some money when it comes to the premiums that they pay.

2. Health savings accounts: This is one of the supplemental benefits that allow employees to put aside some of their salary to pay for any medical conditions that may not be covered by their regular health insurance. To make use of a health savings account, an employee is required to have a health insurance plan in place already. One of the biggest advantages of the health savings account is that the money that employees deposit into this account will not be taxed. This goes a long way in increasing the financial power of the employees by helping them save for any medical expenses they have currently or in the future. Having your employees get in contact with insurance call center would help them get a better grasp of this benefit.