You need benefit solutions…not excuses. Unified Capital Solutions.

We have the tools, technology and talent to ANALYZE and get things done.

AnalysisAs technology continues to advance, Unified Capital maintains a leadership position in utilizing the latest available industry tools.  Our proven financial strength, the superior stability of our providers, our experienced staff and use of the latest technology work together for you.  We customize voluntary benefit plans that meet specific needs because one size doesn’t fit everyone.  Unified Capital implements voluntary benefit plans for groups of a few hundred to hundreds of thousands, from hospitals and unions to municipalities and manufacturers.  Our willingness to embrace innovation allows us to provide a broad variety of customized solutions.  Customer oriented, focused and flexible: That’s Unified Capital Solutions.


Employee SOLUTIONS: We make enrollment convenient.

SolutionsWhat works best for you?  Unified Capital lets you decide on the best enrollment service for your company and your employees.  Face-to-face, web-based, call-center, traditional or a multi-dimensional approach: we do whatever it takes to make the enrollment process simple, convenient, informative and efficient.  Whatever method you choose, Unified Capital explains the advantages of pre-tax benefits to each employee, completes the enrollment and communication with integrity and maintains a level of accountability and attention to detail you and your employees will appreciate.


We PARTNER with you to deliver unparalleled service today AND tomorrow.

PartnershipOur support is proactive.  Unified Capital anticipates your future needs and those of your employees by creating a platform to provide enrollment options and communication services for new product introductions. We reconcile pertinent data between your company and the insurance provider, simplifying the entire enrollment completion process and removing potential burdens from your HR staff. We are always available to listen to your needs and goals.  We deliver results because our success depends on your satisfaction.

We could spend a lot of time boasting about what we do, but we’ll leave that to our clients.

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We communicate and EDUCATE Employees.

EducationNo one feels comfortable purchasing something they don’t understand.  Unified Capital Solutions employees full-time licensed professionals who effectively and clearly educate employers, employees and their families about our voluntary programs.  Our employees benefit services are salaried, which means they aren’t worried about making a sale to earn an income.  They focus on educating employees so they become comfortable with and confident in the programs that provide the protection and peace of mind they want for themselves and their families.