Unified Capital Solutions, Inc. (UCS)
is a national benefits enrollment and communication firm.

We bring our employer clients experienced pre-enrollment planning and benefits enrollment implementation. Regardless of the size of the business, the number of locations, or the method of communication, UCS makes the benefit enrollment process easy and efficient.

UCS’snationwide network of licensed benefit communication specialists receive case specific training prior to the start of each location. This assures both UCS and the Employer of quality communication, efficiency in enrollment process, and an overall consistency at each location.


The UCS Management Team has decades of practical experience in the benefit communication and enrollment field. They have vast experience in coordinating a variety of methods of employee communication and benefit enrollment. This experience has been utilized by businesses of all sizes, associations, school districts, hospitals, and state and local governments in multiple states.

Pre-Enrollment Planning:

UCS works with the employer to assure minimum disruption of the employer’s business activities during the enrollment planning and implementation stages.

During these stages we will address:

  • Obtaining Payroll and Employee Census Data
  • Identifying all of your business locations and liaison personnel
  • Conduct informational meetings with appropriate liaison personnel
  • Schedule meeting place and individual meeting times for each business location
  • Distribute pre-enrollment announcement materials

Enrollment Methods:

Every organization has a unique set of circumstances, concerns, and requirements that need to be addressed in the planning and implementation stages. UCS has the capability to utilize a variety of enrollment methods to increase the success and efficiency of the benefit communication and enrollment process.

  • Face-to Face Enrollment: This common method utilizes the individual approach to assure confidentiality and personalized service to the employee. The employee is educated about current employer provided benefits and voluntary benefit choices. Each employee is taken through a one-on-one explanation of their benefits package utilizing a needs analysis approach. Laptops are used by benefit counselors promoting consistency, efficiency, and individualized planning
  • Telephonic Enrollment:This method is identical to face-to-face meetings in methodology, but is implemented when logistics make employees non-accessible or when face-to-face meetings are not efficient in terms of time and resources.
  • Self Service Enrollment:This method is used as a compliment to face-to face and telephonic enrollment methods. There are times based on product offerings and employer workforce where it is impractical or impossible to meet with employees individually.

Case Managers:

USC assigns a Case Manager to every scheduled benefit communication and enrollment. These managers coordinate the process including: planning meetings, communication and enrollment method, implementation schedule, and communication and enrollment meetings. The Case Manager is a vital factor in coordinating a successful, efficient, and timely communication and enrollment process.