Employee Benefit Services History

We are focused…

Unified Capital Solutions are benefit solution specialists that develop strategies designed with you in mind.  That ‘you’ includes employers, employees and insurance professionals looking for common sense solutions that cover risks affordably.

We are problem solvers…

Unified Capital Solutions doesn’t focus on selling product.  Selling product only makes a sale.  We solve problems by fulfilling needs.  Fulfilling needs makes a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.   We develop relationships by delivering real, tangible solutions that meet the risk and financial needs of employers, employees and insurance professionals.  Customer oriented, focused and flexible: That’s Unified Capital Solutions.

What We Do

We listen…then we help

Unified Capital Solutions takes a proactive approach in analyzing your specific needs and goals.  Then, and ONLY then, we put together an affordable, flexible and portable plan that satisfies the needs of employees with voluntary employee-paid options at no cost to the employer.

We provide peace of mind…

…and we do it affordably.  Unexpected illness is the number one cause of bankruptcy throughout the United States.  As health costs continue to skyrocket, insurance costs continue to rise.  Today, more and more employers are finding it nearly impossible to provide affordable benefits to their employees: the cost is simply too prohibitive in many cases, both for employers and their employees.  Unified Capital Solutions uses the industry’s best available voluntary employee-paid benefit plans to bridge that gap, freeing employers from the nearly crippling financial obligation of providing expensive benefits while providing employees with affordable protection against unforeseen medical expenses.

How We Do It

We protect more than financial stability…

It’s never a matter of desire, but a matter of financial ability.  Employers desire to provide their employees with solid benefits, but what do you do when the costs simply make it impossible to meet the needs?  What happens to the employer/employee relationship?

Your answer can be found with Unified Capital Solutions.  With flexible, affordable voluntary employee paid benefit plans, employers can introduce their employees to benefits that protect their financial futures, even when unforeseen health issues arise.  Employers play an active role in offering solutions instead of excuses to employees.  Employees discover an affordable option, presented through their employer…and the trust between employee and employer remains intact.  Insurance professionals retain the trust and confidence of business owners by providing an affordable, effective solution.  Customer oriented, focused and flexible: That’s Unified Capital Solutions.