Life Insurance - Whole, Universal & Term-Voluntary Benefits Products


Often overlooked but never unappreciated, life insurance is a final, thoughtful gift that tremendously contributes to the financial welfare of surviving family members.  Employees see life insurance as a value-added benefit designated to meet the immediate and future needs of their families after their death.  For employers, life insurance is a way to further express a personal appreciation for the concerns of employees, partnering with them in providing peace of mind for both the employee seeking the voluntary benefits and their family.

Life Insurance can provide cash necessary to cover both final and ongoing expenses such as:

  • Burial / funeral
  • Medical costs not covered by other insurance
  • Mortgage payments
  • Education expense
  • …and virtually any ongoing family obligation

The most popular types of life insurance offer an opportunity to tailor a life insurance plan to meet various needs.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance delivers protection for your lifetime, provided the policy is in force.  It offers several guarantees unavailable in other types of life insurance, such as guaranteed level premiums that won’t increase as you age, guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed cash value growth.

Universal Life Insurance

For additional flexibility, Universal Life insurance offers a variety of options to meet the changing needs of families.  Universal life insurance provides lifetime death benefit protection, the ability to increase and decrease coverage amounts and varied premiums based on policy account value to cover insurance costs and administrative fees.

Term Life Insurance

When coverage is desired for a specific period of time, Term Life Insurance is a very cost-effective solution.  Available for a variety of time periods (10, 20, 30 years), term life is an excellent way to provide affordable protection.  It is often used when an installment loan is taken out, offering protection throughout the length of the loan.

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