Identity Theft

Personal, Family and Business "Safe ID" Protection and Recovery

When you have Identity Theft Insurance, you are protecting yourself with Recovery & Reimbursement coverage in the unfortunate event that you become a victim. cannot prevent Identity Theft 100%. Any company that tells you they can is simply not telling you the truth. As a matter of fact, the FTC and 50 State Attorney Generals won a lawsuit and levied a substantial fine to a well-known company for deceptive advertising for claims of preventing Identity Theft.

Research has proven Credit Monitoring does very little to protect you and your family from Identity Theft. Because so many people falsely believe Monitoring is an effective protection tool, we decided to get advice from the real pros...The Police.Don't be fooled by slick marketing tactics, partial solutions and fine print exceptions that protect companies, not you. Your privacy as well as your identity is at stake.


Discount RX

Competitive Prescription Pricing

We can provide a discounted RX program which is a confidential, web-based system that brings consumers, manufacturers and pharmacies together in an open, competitive marketplace for prescription drugs – just like Expedia or Priceline do for air fares and hotel accommodations. We eliminate the middle man – and the excessive profit often taken out of your pocketbook. Our system allows you to deal directly with pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies that are willing to compete to win your business, based on price and service offerings.  Please contact Unified Capital Solutions at 513-929-9230 to start the process.

Medicare Supplements and Replacement Plans

Evaluate plan features and cost efficiently and accurately

We offer a  one-stop shopping program for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement & Prescription Drug Plans.  The comparison provided cuts through all the Medicare confusion by evaluating a wide range of competitive plans from national and regional Medicare insurance companies.  Unified Capital Solutions goal is to help you find the plan that is right for you, based on your needs and budget.  Please contact us at 513-929-9230 to start the process.

Pet Insurance

…Because they’re family, too!


They bring you joy, give you unconditional love and capture your heart: pets are more than responsibilities to their owners. They’re members of the family, and like family, we do all we can to make sure they’re needs are met in every way possible. This includes ensuring they stay healthy.

Can you imagine having to refuse life-saving veterinary treatment for your pet due to the cost involved? That’s something pet owners never want to face. Pet Insurance eliminates that concern.

Veterinary science continues to advance and the costs of running a veterinary practice continue to increase. This, of course, results in treatments that were unavailable just a few years ago, at prices that are very expensive. Consider that life-saving treatments such as radiation therapy and kidney transplants are now available for pets. These once-fatal conditions are now treatable at costs ranging from $1,000 to over $5,000.

Unified Capital Solutions can show you a voluntary Pet Insurance plan that will help make sure you or your employee never has to make a choice based on affordability. They’re more than pets: they’re family. Give them every option available with Pet Insurance from Unified Capital Solutions.



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