Gap Insurance / Mini-Meds

Gap-Mini-medsCovering the ‘gaps’ in your primary insurance plan

In the event of an illness that requires medical care, there can be a laundry list of incidental expenses that simply aren’t part of the coverage included with most primary care plans.  Unfortunately, as more and more employees and employers look for ways to reduce costs, this list grows longer.  Here’s the good news: Gap Insurance / Mini-Meds Coverage is an excellent, affordable way to cover these out-of-pocket expenses.

Gap Insurance / Mini-Meds is designed to cover a variety of excluded items, such as ambulatory services; deductibles, out-of-pocket medical expenses and many other medical care items that are otherwise not covered by primary insurance.  This type of coverage can prove to be a financial lifesaver when you consider the total costs of uncovered medical expenses and out-of-pocket responsibilities you can face.

While not created to be a stand-alone policy, this beneficial coverage can work to help you when no primary insurance is in place, with a ceiling on reimbursement.  Often times, insurance carriers negotiate special pricing with physicians, just as standard medical insurance companies often do.  With options to add coverage for dental, vision and other valuable coverage, Gap Insurance may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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