Group Voluntary Critical Illness &
Cancer Insurance

The US National Cancer Institute reported that the average male in the United States has just under a 45% risk of developing some type of cancer.  The average risk for women for the same time period was just over 38%.  That’s every other man and one out of every three women.  It only makes sense that today’s employees are looking for critical illness / cancer insurance.  Individuals who have a history of cancer throughout their family or are at higher risks for cancer are especially concerned, having usually witnessed firsthand the financial hardships associated with treating critical illness.

Unlike many illnesses or maladies covered by traditional health insurance, critical illnesses such as cancer often require extensive, long-term treatment procedures as well as extended recovery periods.  Inevitably, this results in lost personal wages, reducing an employee’s ability to pay for their care.  While there are more medical options and advances in treatment available today, the cost for these treatments is extremely high.  Even the most liberal health and disability plans have specific limits and exclusions, putting workers in a financial bind at the worst possible time.

Cancer Insurance helps cover so many of the expenses that come with cancer treatment: expenses that come out of the employee’s pocket.  An added and equally important benefit is the coverage for annual cancer screening tests and wellness care that motivates employees to have regular check-ups and screenings.  This increases the opportunity for early detection, thus increasing the survival rate.  A cancer diagnosis is enough to worry about.

Let Unified Capital Solutions show you how to handle the financial concerns of fighting cancer with voluntary critical illness insurance.

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