Accident Insurance

Group Voluntary Accident Insurance

Medical costs continue to rise, which means health insurance premiums continue to rise.  One of the ways employers and employees are reducing costs it to ‘trim’ their health insurance coverage, eliminating benefits and increasing deductibles.  In theory it’s a good idea.  In practice, it can leave employees with serious financial burdens in the event of an accident.  Out-of-pocket expenses and medical expenses that aren’t fully covered by major medical insurance can add up fast.  Accident insurance provides cash for employees that can be used to pay for a variety of expenses.

Even when employees are fortunate enough to afford a comprehensive health insurance plan there are a myriad of expenses that can arise, such as transportation to an out-of-town care facility, lodging for family members, ground and air ambulance and so much more.

Employers can still provide adequate protection for their employees with voluntary accident insurance.  This coverage is available in a variety of options, including stand-alone coverage or family coverage, depending on individual desires.  Employees can choose to cover only themselves, their spouse, their dependent children or their entire family.

The benefits are the same, whether the policy is a stand-alone or family coverage policy.  In addition to the accident insurance, disability income riders can be added for additional costs: an excellent option for a spouse who doesn’t have disability coverage.

Accident Insurance provides the cash needed to cover so many of the ongoing expenses during your recovery.  It is available as coverage for on and off-the-job accidents or off-the-job-only accidents.

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